About Me

Hi!  I’m Laura!

I am the 25-year-old wife to Bram, and homeschooling mother to Fionna, Tiernan, Kayson, and my littles…Liam, Ronan, Winry, Darcy (who is waiting for us in Heaven), and our fur baby…Dixon.  I live in the beautiful state of Wisconsin in the good old United States of America.

(L-R) Kayson, Fionna, Tiernan, Liam, Ronan, & Winry

I taught myself how to crochet at the age of 11.  My grandmother had taught me how to knit, but I found it very difficult to hold two needles.  My mom and I were at JoAnns one day, and I saw a Crochet how-to book.  I asked my mom if I could get it.  We picked up the book, some yarn, and a hook…and thus my glorious obsession with all things yarn was born!


The Hubby, Bram

All of my patterns are free, but please do not pass them off as your own.  That is stealing.  I work very hard to create my patterns.  You can most certainly sell the item you’ve made using my patterns!!

I picked the title ,”L’amour Du Fil” because there are already a lot of sites called, “For the Love of Yarn.”  I plugged that phrase into a translator and chose “French” because French always sounds so sophisticated and elegant.